Non-Monogamy vs Mainstream Ideals

effy and sara discuss Aug 30, 2017

Effy Blue and her fearless assistant Sara take on mainstream ideals when it comes to alternative relationship structures and raising children, the sacredness of sex, and jealousy.

From the audio, "If Tom down the street is screwing my wife and making her cum more than I am – then fuck Tom. And fuck her."

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Table of Contents:

0:01:00 Shall we start with some Bible quotes?

0:04:00 Historical non-monogamy: "Are we to pound our chests, succumb to temptation, and regress back to cave men times?"

0:7:30 What about "the virtue" of the nuclear family?

0:9:30 Don't kids do the best when there are two parents that stay together?

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0:14:00 "Ten different kids with five different women? I guess that means more Christmas presents."

Related article on children in traditional family structures vs. alternative family structures.

0:16:00 Do same sex couples raise more tolerant children?

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0:23:00 Children's identity in same sex marriages.

0:25:00 Are we all the same? Man, woman, male, female? What's the deal: sex vs gender.

0:29:00 What's in a uterus?

0:39:00 Effy's work: #RelationshipByDesign 

0:41:00 Children in non-monogamous relationships?

0:45:00 "Two penises in my Mom's vagina?" What is entitlement.

0:51:00 The new generation and progress vs trends.

0:54:00 "Monogamy is made up!" And you can embrace that.

0:57:00 Is being polyamorous about "having it all." Can you just fuck somebody else?

1:00:00 Sex, love, and commitment.

1:04:00 Is sex sacred?

1:08:00 What's prescribed and how we act. "Have you loved everyone you've slept with?"

1:14:00 What's wrong with getting what you want so long you're not hurting anyone including yourself?

1:17:00 "Tom down the street is screwing my wife and making her cum more than I am. Fuck Tom and fuck her." Let's talk about jealousy.

1:23:00 You shouldn't do anything that isn't good for you, and we can extend that courtesy both ways. #Respect. Mic drop.

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