A Beginner Non-Monogamist

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2017

Transitioning into non-monogamy? Effy Blue and her fearless assistant Sara help John navigate common pitfalls in this private audio recording: sexual urges, jealousy muscles, being a bro, is non-monogamy right for me, communicating new ideas to an inexperienced partner.

Table of Contents:

 0:01:00 John struggles with monogamy in a new relationship.

0:04:00 Discussion on the idea of "the one" true partner.

0:13:00 Ethical non-monogamy doesn't mean, "I want this but;" it means "I want this and."

0:17:00 Commitment-phobia? Or poly?

0:21:00 Sexual novelty.

0:29:00 Shallow sexual urges and relationship by design.*

0:34:00 John tells his partner that he's going on a date with a potential partner #jealousytrigger.

0:45:00 How do you know your design and your tolerance for jealousy?

0:49:00 Is John an asshole? Amateur poly...

0:53:45 Tit for tat on sex? Effy gives advice on how to define a relationship beyond fidelity. 

0:57:00 How do you know if non-monogamy isn't your path?

0:58:35 Sharing intimacy. And Effy drops the mic. Keyword: thriving.

*Effy Blue original tweetable



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