Curious About Sex Parties?

Access our digital workshop Play Party Etiquette: 
Everything You Need To Know For Your First Sex Party.


Play Party Etiquette: Four Course Modules

Deepen your understanding of sex positive culture, and learn how can you become a part of a new sexy community.

Module I
Sex Party Basics

What is a sex party?  Are there really different types of parties?  How do I find one, and with whom should I go?

Module II
Pre Party Prep

Prepare yourself for your first sex party physically, mentally and emotionally.  Even learn what you might want to wear and bring to a play party.

Module III
During the Party

Contribute to the party vibe and master the language of consent.  Concerns about group play?  Effy answers all your questions.

Module IV
Post Party

What about the morning after? What did you enjoy? What went the way you wanted?  What didn't? Decompress in this module.   

Sex Parties Can Be Tricky To Navigate

Your Play Party Guide

Hi! I’m Effy Blue, a relationship coach specializing in ethical non-monogamy and alternative relationship structures. Sex parties are the perfect place to explore your sexuality, meet like-minded people, and be immersed in consent culture. Yet the sex party vibe can be a delicate dynamic. I hope you enjoy my digital workshop on everything you need to know for your fist sex party, Play Party Etiquette.

Check out this video by the New York Post about our top Play Party Etiquette pro tips.


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