Curious about sex parties? 

Play Party Etiquette

Find out about future workshops hosted by Effy Blue, the sex party expert featured in the New York Post.

Learn how to...

Navigate Consent

Set up a scene and know when to escalate – while ensuring everyone’s on the same page and feels good about it!

Stay Healthy

Expertly communicate about sexual health, safer sex, and STIs – that advances the connection – without killing the vibe. And what to bring in your go bag!

Watch Live Sex

Enhance the scene you are watching with your energy using pro tips about voyeurism.

Have the Best Party

Honor your boundaries, communicate your desires, and know how to explore your sexuality as much as your original intention.

In my workshops, I start with an overview on all things Play Party Etiquette, and then open the floor to questions. I want to hear from YOU! Confused about how to get invited? Want to know where to buy sexy boxer shorts? What happens after hearing a "no"? You can ask all the questions in confidence and anonymously* and I will give you all the answers. Are you in?

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Featured in the New York Post!


Your Play Party Guide

Think of me as your personal play party guide and together we can find the right sex party for you, we can prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for a safer sex party, and I’ll teach you the tools to navigate the unique space of a play party like a pro.

Explore your sexuality in an open-minded, safe, and consensual environment.

After watching Play Party Etiquette, you will never experience sex parties the same again.

Can't wait for the next workshop?

Get Play Party Etiquette: The Book!


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